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Option sales engineer
Numbers More
Date Due 2014-54-16
Specific requirements

position description
1、 by phone , visit methods with global electronic manufacturers to establish relations of cooperation
2、 Be capable to explore new customer , mining customer demands
3、 Maintain customer relationship and management of the old customers, achieve sales goal
4、 In charge of order negotiations and arrangement
5、 responsible for the payment collection


1.   responsibility, work proactive personality , bright with high work enthusiasm,team work spirit
2.   Strong language skills and interpersonal skills
3.   Hard working, work well under stress or pressure ,have a winning mentality,dare to challenge yourself
4.  Have strong learning ability, well know about  training of product knowledge
5.  Have electronic components sales experience, familiar with electronics industry is preferred


company welfare
1、To enjoy the statutory holidays such as annual leave, marriage leave, maternity leave ,sick leave
2、Provide social insurance for employees
3、Enjoy seniority award, full-attendance bonus,  birthday award
4、Organization domestic tourism two times a year
5、organize a staff outdoor activity or dinner monthly
6、organize outdoor professional training irregularly

he company treatment:(for all the position you approved) :
1. the Salary Structure Setting :(Basic salary + commission + monthly performance bonus + quarterly performance bonus + annual performance bonus)(of course ,the basic salary and commission is floated with the performance) the person whose performance is outstanding can get a income reach to more than 50,000RMB, There is no upper limit.

2.The working time : From Monday to Friday:  08:30-12:00 AM;  13:30-18:00 PM  In a word, we provide employees with five-day’s working time, mainland and HK official holidays, enjoying 5-8 working days’)

Staff promotion
To grow together with every employees, GCS We make a prefect promotion system . Of course you can promoted directly if you have good performance and outstanding leadership .

Tel for HR Department:0755-83867699
Mail for HR
We use warm and sincere heart to seek who desire to succeed ;We use a positive heart to support who pursuit for happiness; we use a open and sunshine heart to lift who want to go on,  we use a win-win sharing heart to bring up whose happy life. Go ahead guys ! join us !


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