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Ru Zhuoli: Looking at the Demand of Industrial Semiconductors and Increasing Investment in China's Market [2019-03-01]
Hailishi, the second largest memory manufacturer, saw its first drop in profits in two years [2019-02-28]
Daya Bay New Factory in Huizhou [2019-02-28]
Intel plans to buy Mellanox, a server chip maker, for $6 billion [2019-02-28]
236 million dollars! Gexin Sells Singapore Fab 3E Factory to World Advanced [2019-02-28]
Korea's exports grew negatively for two consecutive months. Semiconductor exports fell by 23% in January. [2019-02-28]
Taiwan Wafer Factory is the world's largest producer [2019-02-28]
With a total investment of 6.2 billion US dollars, the product yield of Xiamen Unicore Integrated Circuit Project reaches the industry leading level. [2019-02-28]
Breakthrough Progress in 12NM Technology for the Fourth Quarter of 2018 Released by Zhongxin International [2019-02-28]
The project of silicon photonic chip integrated optical module in Wujiang District of Suzhou started with a total investment of 190 million yuan [2019-02-28]
Kurt Sievers, President of En Zhipu Semiconductor: Witness the Realization of Internet of Things in 2020 [2019-02-28]
Samsung's cash reserves exceed $600 billion and Semiconductor/Display will invest another $100 billion [2019-02-28]
Industry demand is expected to pick up strong gains in U.S. chip stocks [2019-02-28]
Italian-French Semiconductor ST33 Security Chip Has Over 1 Billion Sales [2019-02-28]
14 nm mass production is imminent, and Zhongxin International is on the next step [2019-02-28]

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