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236 million dollars! Gexin Sells Singapore Fab 3E Factory to World Advanced
Data:2019-02-28 , 
On January 31, World Advanced Wafer OEM announced at its earnings meeting that it would purchase Fab 3E plant with grid core in Singapore. After the purchase, World Advanced will increase the production capacity of 400,000 8-inch wafers per year.

World Advanced said that the acquisition includes plant, plant facilities, machinery and equipment, and the intellectual property rights and business of MEMS. The plant currently has a monthly production capacity of about 35,000 8-inch wafers with a transaction value of US$236 million. The delivery date is expected to be 31 December this year.

It is reported that the two sides have reached a consensus on the handover between employees and customers of Fab 3E wafer factory. As an important asset, employees should be prioritized and properly arranged to jointly ensure that customers produced by wafer factory will not be affected by this transaction.

Gexin said that the sale of Fab 3E wafer factory will be able to simplify the company's manufacturing, focus on providing customers with truly valuable technology, but also to clarify the company's strategy, reduce the operating costs of the lattice core.

World Advanced Commitment, will undertake all employees of the wafer factory, and continue to provide wafer OEM services, take over the wafer factory's production of customer products, package and expand MEMS-related.

The world advanced chairman's strategy points out that the world advanced company can expand its production capacity through this transaction, and stabilize the company's future growth momentum. World Advanced has had three previous expansion experiences, transforming one plant, two plants and three plants from DRAM plant to wafer substitution factory in turn. It is expected that this will be a win-win decision. World Advanced will also meet customers'demand in production capacity and technology, and continue to make profits and grow.

Earlier, World Advanced has said that since 2018, production capacity has reached full capacity, market demand continues to rise, customers also expect the company to expand capacity, this asset acquisition can increase the world's annual production capacity of more than 400,000 8-inch wafers, accelerate the expansion of capacity layout.

In December 2018, the combined revenue of the world's advanced enterprises was about 2.595 billion yuan (NT$, the same below), the third highest in history, with a total revenue of 28.828 billion yuan, an annual increase of 16.13%.

After entering 2019, the strategy holds that the previous cautious optimism towards 2019 has not yet eased the Sino-US trade frictions, so the cautious optimism has turned to cautious conservatism. However, he believes that the Sino-US trade war will only affect the short-term market, and semiconductor prospects remain optimistic in the long run, so the world's advanced will continue to invest in and research and development of various product lines.
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